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killing and removal of stumps

Killing of roots and stumps:

Expert advice should be sought on suitable chemicals and methods of application.

Roots and stumps can be killed by chemical treatment this is most effective immediately after felling. Chemicals will not hasten the process of rotting, which is caused by wood-decaying organisms over a period of time.

Where there are closely planted avenues or shrubberies there are likely to be root contacts between plants. Wrongly applied chemicals used for killing stumps may damage or kill other plants and adversely affect other organisims. The alternative to chemical treatment in such areas may be to remove all new growth from the stump as it appears. New growth on a stump may be treated with suitable translocated herbicide.. 

Stump removal:

The area and depth within which the stump is to be removed should be clearly stated. The work should be done by grubbing out by hand or with suitable machinery, or by destruction with a stump chipping machine. Expert advice should be sought on the most suitable technique for the type, size, species, position of the stump and proposed future use of the cleared site.

Leaving of stumps:

Decaying timber, and stumps are of great ecological importance and where possible, we at Crown Tree Surgeons advise them to be left as they give homes and feeding ground to many insects and fungi which all are part of a large food chain for the world of wildlife.   

please take a look at are video on stump removal found in videos page.